Information is critical to all projects, and we do everything possible to keep everyone up to date with ever changing circumstances. This type of work is constantly evolving, whether through the design process, unforeseen conditions or just because a client has asked for a change or additional work, keeping everyone on the same page is most important. 

We use a project management solution called Construction Online by UDA Technologies, it is one of a few top quality products currently available in the industry that enables everyone involved in a project to be informed with the most up to date information. 

It’s features allow for our clients to view all the current information regarding their project and for our subcontractors to have a hub where they can view all the information specific to them, on all the projects we have underway that they are contributing to, while keeping client specific information private to the client.

Portal Features:


Found under the “Files” tab at the top of the page, this is where we post the original proposal and subsequent invoices that follow per the draw schedule. We attach our draws to specific times within construction in order to maintain an equitable balance between payments and completed work. The scheduled due dates are then added to the construction calendar to help you plan for the next draw due date. This information is only able to be viewed by the client. 


Found under the “Files” tab at the top of the page, here we post the documents related to permitting on the project. Such as engineered drawings, scope of work, Notice of Commencement, original building plans from records and documents specific to the project as required by regulatory officials and code compliance. 

Design Drawings:

The work produced in house at Commonwealth Remodeling, or as provided by a client specific outside design firm, is posted here, under the “Files” tab. It will contain specific layouts for all critical installations and information necessary about custom and selected pieces that are part of the project.

Material Selections:

This folder, found under the “Files” tab, will often contain several sub folders as needed for the various types of material that will be used in the construction of the project. This will include things like appliances, stone, tile, flooring, cabinetry, finishes, papers, fixtures and that sort of thing. 


When there are items or information that is specific to a certain sub contractor, a sub folder is developed to contain the information. This aids our subcontractors, especially on more involved and intricate projects, to help them find the resources needed. 


Found either under the “Files” or “Photos” tab, but the “Photos” tab, but the “Photos” tab is more direct. Depending on the size of the project, several image galleries will be established for various phases of construction. These images are put up to help keep the client and subs informed on existing conditions and progress through completion photos. They can be viewed on the portal via a computer or the mobile application.


Under the “Latest” tab you will find a calendar for the current week with an option for 2 weeks. Under the Calendar tab, you can view by the day, week or month and scroll through the project schedule. As a client you will be able to view the entire schedule, as a subcontractor or supplier your view is limited to your own involvement. 

Change Orders:

Viewed under the “Change Order” tab at the top of the page, here we can post change orders for approval with a brief description, associated actual or estimated costs, and an idea of how much time the change will add to the project schedule. Changes can be approved only by the person they are assigned to and become record to the project. 

Home Owners Association:

When necessary, a folder will be established under the “Files” tab for the requisite information required by an affiliated HOA. This may include any submittal packet, design review, insurance and liceesncing, parking plans, work hours and permit requirements.


Often during a project, information will be provided to all parties rather than a specific person involved. Announcements are generated and sent out as a way of keeping everyone up to date. 

Mobile Application:

Commonwealth Remodeling has produced a mobile application which contains all of the project information found on the desktop site, but optimized for mobile devices. In the Google Play Store you can search for Commonwealth Remodeling, install and log in the same as on desktop. For Apple iTunes, they require a link be sent for each device in order to install it, just let us know how many you need and they will be sent. 


The software is all based upon email address’s and is case specific, we will always enter your contact information into the system in lower case. When you are added to the system, an auto-generated email is sent which will inform you that you have been added to a project, the project name, your email and password. By default it should read as your email (in lower case) and your password as your last name (with a capitalized first letter) followed by 1234 (no spaces). Enter this a the login page. A link to the login page should also be attached to this email, it is here as well if you need it again.

Login: your email address, all lower case

Password: Your last name, capitalized first letter only, followed by 1234 (no spaces)

Once logged in, we recommend saving the page to your favorites bar and having your browser remember your login information, then you likely wont need to do this step again in the future.


You will see a list of your projects, click the one you would like to view and it will take you that projects portal. If you are a client you will likely only have one project here at a time, if you are a subcontractor, you will likely have several, either way, each project portal will only have information related to that individual project contained within.

On the home page, you will automatically go to “Recent Events”, this page auto generates current items to the project such as the calendar for one or two weeks, recent announcements and photographs.

Messaging can be used for communication between people involved in the project, we do not utilize this much as we have better results via conventional email and texting as so many of us are commicating with different media these days.

Files always contains a significant amount of data as discussed above. Click on the little triangles to open a folder or gallery, select from the drop down menus to the right for various options.

Photos is the best way to see the images from the project, we tend to build several galleries in order to keep the quantities easier to browse through, therefore on larger projects there may end up being many galleries.

Calendars is very useful, when a project is posted the schedule will be found here, as things evolve or change, we will adapt the modifications in house and re-post as needed. Typically we generate windows of time for each event, what is critical is completion dates more so than the window of time assigned to the task. 

Change orders are a good way to gain approval and help clients and associated subs involved in the decision process. They are posted as needed.

On the subcontractor side there will be punch lists generated to help with completing the details, when needed they are documented in a sign-off format for approval at completion. 

Please let us know if you need assistance logging in or navigating the portal, it is fairly intuitive once you get the hang of it and it plays a central role in our project management.


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1855  J and C Blvd. Naples, Florida 23109

Showroom / Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 

Monday – Friday – Office: (239) 821 – 0997